Role of Teaching Schools:

    Teaching schools have an important role to play in a school-led system and school improvement. Teaching schools are centres of excellence, taking a focused role that prioritises:

     co-ordinating and delivering high quality school-based ITT

     providing high quality school-to-school support to spread excellent practice, particularly to schools that need it most

     providing evidence-based professional and leadership development for teachers and leaders across their network


    School-led Initial teacher training (ITT)

    Teaching schools are expected to provide school-led ITT through School Direct (as a lead or partner); by running a SCITT or by offering placements working in partnership with a SCITT and achieve positive impact on trainee outcomes. In addition, drive improvement externally by ensuring newly qualified teachers are recruited to schools in areas of need.


    Workforce Development 

    Teaching schools are expected to ensure participants are engaging in a range of evidence-based CPLD which:

     focuses on improving and evaluating pupil outcomes;

     is underpinned by robust evidence and expertise;

     includes collaboration and expert challenge;

     be sustained over time; and

     be prioritised by school leadership.


    School to school support (StSS)

    Teaching schools are expected to diagnose and provide high quality support to schools in need, by quickly matching supply and demand including identification of individuals with appropriate skills to provide high quality support.

    Visit the Teaching school webpages at gov.uk for further information about the role of teaching schools.