Research Learning Communities in association with Institute of Education

Research focus - ‘Improving literacy through growth mindsets’.

How RLC works

2-3 ‘evidence champions’ from each school within the Research Learning Community.

The RLCs bring together evidence champions from around five schools. They come together for a one-day work shop four times a year to examine research and evidence  relating to an agreed area of focus, and to develop, apply and evaluate school or key stage-wide improvement strategies based on this evidence.

Our Research Learning Community consists of:

Dilkes Academy

South Rise Primary School

St Thomas More

Which is facilitated by Karen Spence-Thomas

Our workshops schedule:

Workshop 1:      November 27th

Workshop 2:      February 3rd

Workshop 3:      April 23rd

Workshop 4:      June 2nd

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Useful documents

Improving writing and the use of language

Improving literacy through growth mindsets

Mindsets and cheating

Growth Mindset, IQ and Practice

Hattie, J. Visible Learning: Maximising impact on learning.

Husbands, C. and Pearce, J.  What makes great pedagogy? Nine strong claims from research.