Expansive Education Proposed Projetcs

Expansive Education

Proposed Action Research Projects

Beacon Hill Academy

  1. If I minimize the verbal instructions will pupils initiate and lead an activity?

Giffards Primary School

  1. If pupils are explicitly taught meta- cognitive skills that enable goal-oriented behaviour, such as the ability to plan and execute a plan and succeed, will their ability to master skills and knowledge significantly improve?

Chadwell St Mary Primary School .

  1. If children who learn within an early years setting are given the opportunity to decide on the activities for free choice, will their level of engagement improve?
  2. If the children are given more direct action in the marking the student teacher dialog will improve and this will raise the outcomes of the children.
  3. If a select group of children takes responsibility for assessing the presentation of their own and their peers writing, will the overall quality of presentation improve?

Holy Cross Catholic Primary School

  1. Does providing tangible props enable boys to become better writers?
  2. If I teach children to become good researchers, will they become more independent in their learning?

Dilkes Academy

  1. If I implement a whole school approach to growth mindset will pupils become more resilient in the face of challenge? (and what can we learn about the processes of habit change among staff?)