Recommended Reading

This booklet is a guide on how to use Lesson Study to develop and refine teaching, learning and teacher practice knowledge. The booklet will help you in: getting lesson study going in school; planning, teaching and analysing the research lesson; involving pupils in the process; passing on to others the new practice knowledge you have gained in your lesson study. Read more...
Source: lessonstudy.co.uk, March 2015


The report follows on from our (The Sutton Trust) 2014 report, What Makes Great Teaching, and argues that improved teacher ­development will positively impact on pupil attainment, particular those from disadvantaged backgrounds. Read more...
Source: The Sutton Trust, January 2015


Source: David H Hargreaves, National College, May 2012


Following the closure of Creative Partnerships, Martin Heaney looks to new collaborative projects run by artists, to examine the legacy of its practice. Read more...
Source: Arts Professional, April 2012


This document relates to the model of teaching school alliances as vehicles for school improvement. Read more...
Source: National College, April 2012


  • Best Evidence Synthesis (BES) Programme from the New Zealand Department of Education provides a useful range of research summaries and exemplars for practitioners.





  • The Institute of Education's EPPI-Centre provides a library of systematic reviews of educational research.


  • Google Scholar has a useful alerts service so that schools can keep up to date with the latest publications in a specified field.





  • Lesson Study offers resources for conducting your own lesson study projects, developed by a group of education professionals with extensive experience of running lesson study projects in the UK.



  • MESH Guides offer summaries and sources of educational research to support educators' professional judgement.






  • R&D Kitbag contains useful guidance and pro-forma documents that can be used to help set up and run R&D projects in your schoola.  It was developed collaboratively for the National College by a group teaching schools in 2012.



  • The Teacher Development Trust is an independent charity, founded by teachers, which offers a range of resources including the GoodCPDGuide, a free national database of high-quality professional development resources for teachers.


  • Teaching and Learning Academy provides a range of learning opportunities through a professional development framework for all staff working in schools and colleges at every career stage.


  • The Teaching and Learning Research Programme (TLRP) was the UK’s largest ever educational research programme, which ran from 1999 to 2009 and coordinated some 700 researchers in over 100 projects.


  • TLRP Practitioner Applications: Materials suggesting ways of applying research insights in practical classroom settings - produced by CUREE, drawing on TLRP projects and other research findings.