As part of a move towards a school-led system, the NCTL will no longer designate local leaders of Education (LLE), and instead teaching schools will recruit and designate school leaders in this role as they already do with SLEs; this follows a successful pilot of the new system. The NCTL will continue to designate national leaders of education (NLE) and their national support schools (NSS).

LLEs are successful headteachers who are able to support other headteachers.  Criteria is attached, but generally an LLE must be judged to be a good serving headteacher with at least three years’ experience and expect to remain at their current school for at least two years after designation. They must also have sufficient capacity to support other schools.


Aspirant LLEs are invited to apply using the forms attached; a reference will also be required. Applicants will meet with teaching schools, but there will be no formal interview or further assessment. It is therefore important that all eligibility criteria outlined is met within the written application and the reference. Applications are to be sent to contactus@dptsa.org.uk


Key dates are as follows:



Application round opens

Wednesday 3rd May 2017

Application round closes

Wednesday 7th June 2017

Deadline for references

Wednesday 7th June 2017

Teaching schools review applications and references

8-9th June 2017

Meeting between teaching schools and applicants

15th or 21st June 2017

Teaching schools confirm decisions to applicants

By  23rd June 2017

LLE Eligibility Criteria

LLE Application Form Part A

LLE Application Form Part B

LLE  Reference Form

Our LLEs

Nicky Haslam

Giffards Primary School

Key Areas of Expertise:

My range of experience in school systems leadership, which has been gained through various roles, has lead me to recognise the importance of collaboration in raising standards within and beyond the school. I strongly believe that it is every Headteacher’s moral duty to build effective professional learning communities.

Key Strengths :

I am passionate about effective leadership. As the Headteacher of Giffards Primary I have built an effective SLT with clear roles and responsibilities. Our standards have been raised due to robust assessment and pupil tracking. The introduction of coaching improved the quality of teaching and learning and ensured a culture of staff self-reflection. I introduced clear systems to monitor all elements of practice and to build up levels of accountability. 

Striving for better, I led my team to continue to improve with yearly improvements in standards. The focus on growing and valuing excellent staff has been at the forefront of Giffards’ this year and the school now has a staff with high levels of skill and experience.

In 2011, I became a Local Leader of Education, and have had the opportunity to work in a range of schools. I have always maintained a genuine enjoyment of my role in educating our young people and working together with other adults in order to give all children the very best start in life.

Samantha Wakeling

Quarry Hill Academy

During my years of working in education, I have worked with a wealth of colleagues and coached and supported them in developing an aspirational approach to teaching and learning, ensuring that every child is offered the very best education, encouraging them to reach their full potential, regardless of background or starting point.

 I am incredibly passionate about ensuring that this ethos is inherent in any school in which I am deployed and believe that no leader should accept underperformance and actively endeavours to ensure that all staff adopt the key principles that every child can make outstanding progress if nurtured and taught by outstanding practitioners.

I have worked in a number of different schools in a coaching role and am confident of my ability to bring about improvement in colleagues’ capacity to lead successfully or develop and plan new initiatives which will impact positively on the whole school. My own drive to ensure the very best for all pupils in our care is clearly communicated to all of our staff, and I lead by example. I am dedicated to my role as Head of School and believe that as a senior leader, we need to ensure that the training of all of our staff provides the opportunity for developing the future system leaders.

During the last few years, in my role as a senior leader at Quarry Hill Academy, consistent high levels of pupil performance evidence a clear upward trajectory, with the latest performance data clearly demonstrating that the school is significantly above the current floor standard.  Nationally, compared to other similar schools, Quarry Hill is also ranked as number one in the country. All staff and pupils have embraced the mantra that they can be the best, and with such self-belief and a limitless growth mind-set, success will inevitably ensue.