EYFS Training Programme 2019/2020

Nicola Barrett, SLE, will be running our EYFS Training Programme—all sessions 4pm-5.30pm

Phase 1 Phonics – Wednesday 2nd October 2019

A look at the importance of Phase 1 Phonics and how this provides the foundations for further phonics teaching.  Practical examples on how to implement these sessions in pre-school, nursery and Reception class settings as well as guidance on how to assess when the children are ready to move on to the next phase.

Suitable for all pre-school, nursery and reception practitioners and leaders.

Promoting Writing in the Early Years – Wednesday 8th January & Wednesday 5thFebruary 2020

Session 1 – Looks at how writing can be taught in the Early Years in a way which enthuses and engages children so that they become eager, independent writers, ready for the challenges in Year 1.

Session 2 – Explores how story-acting can motivate children to write in addition to supporting them develop their social interactions and communication skills.

Both sessions will need to be attended and are suitable for all Reception practitioners and EYFS leaders.

Developing Positive Adult-Child Interactions in the EYFS – Wednesday 4th March 2020

Explore the importance of positive adult-child interactions and their role in supporting children to achieve their next steps.  We will examine what makes interactions successful in order to further develop children’s learning during child-led activities.

Suitable for all pre-school, nursery and reception practitioners and leaders.

Getting the Most out of the Outdoors – Wednesday 29th April 2020

The outdoor environment is a vital part of the EYFS provision.  This session will examine what makes a stimulating and inviting outdoor environment, including a brief introduction to woodwork. We will explore how to ensure the outdoors is easily accessible to all children with minimum daily adult preparation.

Suitable for all pre-school, nursery and reception practitioners and leaders.

How to Organise Successful Transitions for EYFS Children – Wednesday 20th May 2020

An overview of how to implement smooth transitions for children starting school and those moving on to Year 1.  A look at how stress and anxiety for both parents and children can be eased in order to provide the best possible start to school.


Cost - £35 per session or £175 for all 6 sessions (paid prior to first session)

Please book sessions using the online Booking Form located under the CPLD tab on the TPTSA website