Primary Geography Subject Leader

Course Outline:  

How to be a more effective Geography Subject Leader in the primary school.  We will unpick the National Curriculum Purpose of Study, Aims and statutory requirements, which many subject leaders and teachers find daunting. A few engaging ideas will be explored for developing Locational and Place Knowledge, Human and Physical Geography, Vocabulary, Geographical skills and fieldwork, with progression. 

You will leave with:

  • A range of strategies to improve your role as Subject Leader
  • A clearer idea of Ofsted’s latest focus and ways to move the subject of Geography on.
  • Practical ways of achieving the National Curriculum aims.
  • A few engaging ideas/ resources for fieldwork and mapping activities
  • Suggestions on how to maximise your school grounds, local area or residential visits for developing basic geography skills.


Day - Tuesday 22nd October 2019

Time - 9am-3.30pm

Cost - £140 (including refreshments & lunch)

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