Curriculum - Writing

DPTSA have been taking part in a project to devise innovative resources and Schemes of Work that capture the best research-informed approaches to Reading, Writing and Maths.

Lesson Design

Using the work of Geoff Petty we explored the structure of a lesson. We futher developed Geoff Petty's Present Apply Review (PAR) model with the addition of the Orientation phase. (OPAR)

OPAR - Click here for the  OPAR structure

PAR  - Click here for the PAR structure

Click here to link to Geoff Petty's work

Curriculum planning using rationales (Literacy)

Rationales should answer the question ‘Why?’ Rationales
Content (why read this book?)
Approach (why work in groups?)
Assessment (why include peer assessment?)

Also ‘How?’. How does this unit –

Build on prior learning?
Add depth or breadth?
Prepare students for future study?


Embody the school’s vision
Be brief (one side of A4?)
Be clear
lInclude qualitative language
Be agreed by teachers (jointly created)
Pass the test: If I gave this to a competent teacher,
s/he would be able to teach it.

Example Rationales

Year 1 Rationale - Narrative familiar settings Year 2 Rationale - Non-fiction instructions
Year 3 Rationale - Non-fiction report writing Year 4 Rationale - Recount
Year 5 Rationale - Friend or Foe Year 6 Rationale - Journalistic writing

A great set of primary literacy resources that can be found on the National Archives that are no longer hosted by the DfE.


Useful websites to support the teaching of grammar